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About Us

Well Trodden Path has been helping people improve their health and fitness since 2012. We believe in fitness and wellbeing as a lifestyle choice. An incorporation of exercise, nutrition, the outdoors and a healthy balance of work and life.

Kate Bagshaw

WHY. A longstanding background in physical education alongside a ten year foray into horticulture; always an affinity with the outdoors and all borne from a lifetime interest in well being. The desire to enable you to understand and work with your body to achieve positive change.

HOW. Working with your priorities, guiding and supporting you through a process whether your discomfort relates to injury, posture, illness, occupation or sport and performance. Practical application of soft tissue techniques to restore form and function.

IN A FEW WORDS. The human body is amazing...and precious. We want to help you do right by your body; to allow you to reach a strong and capable place where movement is full and pain free and you can enjoy the things that matter. 

Matt Briars

WHY. Loving the outdoors, fresh air and working with people to make being active a lifestyle goal. Engaging with and helping to break down any barrier which prevents them from working towards their true potential.

HOW. A lifetime of sport, fitness and endurance events. Getting it wrong myself to help you get it right. Biomechanics assessment, strength and conditioning training (Gymnastic Bodies), Pilates, kettlebells, movement training, running, cycling, walking, swimming (improving all the time), 1:1 personal training, coaching and analysis.

IN A FEW WORDS. A mindful approach to fitness, to really get the maximum benefit for people, to enjoy the mental benefits just as much as the physical and enable a better life. Quality over quantity everytime.

Personal Training

Working together with you to plan a lifestyle approach to your fitness and wellbeing and helping move towards your aims and goals with continued support and encouragement. Overcoming the barriers which hold you back from reaching your full potential.


Sports & Remedial Massage

Open to everyone, whether you've suffered an injury or are experiencing discomfort resulting from your involvement in exercise, work or simply in the course of your daily activity. We will apply and adapt soft tissue techniques according to your personal treatment plan, through a process of guided consultation and rehabilitation.


Current Training Goals

To give you a taster of what we enjoy and what you may end up working towards we are currently booked in for the following events.

Hell of the Ashdown Cycle Sportive.

Bantham Swoosh OSS 10km River Swim.

Chase the Sun Coast to Coast Cycle Ride.

Fred Whitton Lake District Endurance Ride.

National Trust Studland 10km Running Race

Parkrun Tourists.


Workplace Wellbeing

Making remedial massage more accessible to you and your colleagues.

We work for local buinesses, to support the wellbeing of staff whilst having a positive impact on workplace productivity. By basing ourselves in an occupational setting we can help to address issues such as stress and postural imbalance.

Contact us below for more details.


Adventures and Challenges

Everest Base Camp, Polar Exploration. Lands End to John O Groats, Ultra Marathons.

We love helping people accomplish the goal of a lifetime.

If this sounds like you then definitely call us!



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Matt and Kate


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